Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What i asked, has been answered.

Yes, i am heartbroken. As i asked lord about the things and doubts in my life, and requested for an answer, may it be hard or harsh, and at last, the lord has answered me.

This is a post to record that i am now eating the bitter fruit that i have made. For i have refused to acknowledge the wisdom from the elders, and the lord.

When my tears were dripping none stop, i ask for someone to talk to me, i feel pain, heart pain, so i decided to open the bible, and i feel relieved after reading some of the pages.

Lord is great, for he talks to me and comfort me whenever i need someone to lean on. Although it is hard to let go of something which is so precious to you, but now i fear not, as everything will be back to normal again, as i dedicated my life as a servant to serve the almighty.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sad and Happy

I feel bad for commenting when i arrived there, cause the overview of it was a hell of disappointment. The toilet and bathroom sucks, the dome sucks, the millipedes sucks as it was everywhere during night and we played games on a kangaroo poo field and it is impossible to avoid them. Well, ill upload the photos next time as there is too much to blog about, funny photos and sentimental events. Nonetheless I learned not to judge before experiencing the whole thing, so overall, the camp was awesome. I get to learn new things, meet new people and much more that i didn't expected it from before the camp. I never regretted going there and i thanks god that Cindy and Nelson successfully persuaded me to go. I miss the 3 days 2 night stay there and everything.

The other thing is, Nelson went back to Malaysia for good, well yea, kinda miss that guy as he is funny and much like a brother to me. Although we only spent 2 month times together but i seriously thank god that i get to know him. He is the one who shared the gospel with me and brought me to his church. Yes we had so much fun together and i feel sorry that i couldn't say goodbye to him before he left. Well, i did tried to talk to him and i wished him to have a safe journey but he was sleeping that time. I didn't want to wake him up so i went back to my room and sleep.

My life changed a lot since the day i accepted Christ. I thanks god that i was given this opportunities to learn about him and get to know more about him. Nonetheless, i couldn't do this without Nelson.

P.S : Thank you Nelson and wish u have a blissful future!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is lame

Ok now i am pissed, the internet just keep on disconnecting every 5 minutes, which that is lame.

Screw u bigpond, which is the telstra company. We paid friggin big money to your company and yet we get sucky services. Wtf is this, u mofo pranked my homestay parents like providing best services or satisfying services which may please us, but u nvr did. Now we have to stuck with your stupid 2 years contract, @%E#&^@%# telstra!

Besides slowing down the internet once its over the limit and disconnection over 100 times in a day, what else do u guys provide?

Man, U suck!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April fool

Dang, i dont even know it is april fool until someone pranked me. Further more it happens all the time, and they never fail.

Not come i got fooled by people every time?

Well, i tried to lay some awesome jokes and tried to fool people, but none of them was successful, in fact, i was offended...they said it was lame and some say was predictable..

OK FINE! MAYBE IT WAS, least I've tried to fool you! HA! TAKE THAT!

*this is getting lame....*

Anyway, note that this is a lame post, ignore it by any necessary means. Before u thought of slapping me, Thank you.

P.S : dang the junk food, made me fat and there goes my life span! But on the other hand, that is my only comfort zone when i need something to munch.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The 2nd week!

Everything turns out to be fine, thanks to nelson for bringing me there though!
I was quite a procrastinator back then, so i never bother going cause i thought there is always next time. But i was wrong, i have to make the first move to make it go.

I slept at 5.30am, i thought of giving excuse for not going to church, but u know what? I fought myself and i went to church instead!

Praise the lord, i wasn't tired back then during the service, in fact i was quite energetic!
I had picnic with my cell group after the service! Such a lovely place that we have found to lay our back and relax while enjoying dominos pizza!

I like this photo the most! Oh, and this was taken by Nelson though.

Relaxing under the tree while waiting for Yan Hua and Luke to get the pizza!

Yay! Pizza arrived~ Dive in everyone!

Although we ate the pizzas, but some of us are still hungry, so we went to KFC!
Girls went there by car...while the boys...sigh...walk there larh!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


The heart of hatred mixed with joy,
describe me in the words of yours,
as the inevitable truth lies behind,
those who learned will wish to be perished.

Those who stared at the dawn,
wish the time will be stopped for the scene,
as the beautiful scene in their eyes,
will then to be seen forever.

Although the blinds cant see,
the deaf cant hear,
but through the things they feel,
it shall be indelible.

As the pendulum swing,
everyday life seems an infinity loop,
never the same, never will stay.
life is as dull as that,
never will last, but never will hold.

for now, i am a blind man,
hoping for one who shall heal me,
who shall paint my life with colors,
and take away my sorrow.

Even the resounding voice should wither,
ill still wait, for you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I went to the city with nelson because i was planning to help him with his bank account.
But sadly the staff doesn't allow us to proceed as he needs a student card from him. I then asked will he accept the student visa that proves that nelson is a student, but he disapproved, which then i felt weird for it.

Both of us went back to the college to ask for his student card after i suggested it.
Things turns down a bit awkward when the receptionist said the card can be done by today. After waiting for 30 minutes, i then suggested nelson should ask the receptionist that how long will it take for it. The receptionist, then added it wont be done by today as she has a lot of work to do, which that she added in a very cocky and arrogant way. Oh yea, nelson was asking politely for it and she went bitching it like, "if u were to ask somebody for something, could you please add a please, thank you", then i thought that was funny, cause she never did this before, what a professional "RECEPTIONIST" that i highlighted to put it in a sarcastic way, she never even have a smile on her face when she talk to the customer, which is us, the student.

Sigh, after the stupid receptionist turned his mood down, i then suggested to have a late lunch at han's cafe, then went to southland for movie!

Watched Valkyrie, and it was awesome, starring tom cruise, and its about assassination of hitler.

Okay, thats all for today, some personal issue that i am having right now and i will keep that to myself.

Good night all